I went to Christy to help change my negative mood and get rid of a lot of stress. She was so informative and knowledgeable about what she was doing.  I became so happy and didn’t realize it was the biofeedback already working on me. I can’t wait for my next session!

After seeing how positive of a reaction I got from my session I had my son do a session too. He is normally very emotional and I noticed in the days following his session he was in great spirits and his emotions were very steady. I am so happy and impressed with the results and he didn’t even have to go anywhere or do anything! This is so amazing and exciting!

After a serious medical diagnosis recently, I had been feeling quite a bit of anxiety, especially in the middle of the night.  I would awaken with an overwhelming sense of doom, despite my best efforts to think positively.  I was getting little sleep and just felt nervous throughout the day.  After an intriguing discussing with Quantum Stress Relief, I about my situation, I scheduled a session.  That very night, I was amazed that I slept so peacefully and soundly for the first time since my diagnosis.  While awake, I have also noticed an improvement in my emotional state, a feeling of deep calm, and the ability to think more clearly.  I feel this is enabling me to focus on a path of healing.


I am blown away with the BIORESONANCE THERAPY!  It is amazing it can detect issues in our health.  I started using this therapy for me and my girls.  I have seen and improvement in all of us.  My 8 year old daughter had stomach issues, and it helped her detox from parasites. After that she was perfectly fine.  I have had issues with my kidneys and after therapy it has been so much better.  One thing everyone has to know is all living things have a frequency.  Our bodies get affected by the use of everyday household items, we need to balance ourselves constantly so we don’t have health issues in the future.  Bioresonance is our new health style!  FIVE STARS

I learned about bioresonance therapy from a friend who suggested it as way to treat anxiety and stress.  I was looking for something that fit into my schedule and was an alternative to prescription medication.  I love that I can so this from the comforts of my home.  After my first treatment, the days that followed were absolutely amazing.  I was able to focus better at work and was extremely productive.  I saw improvement not only in stress level but in overall emotional balance.  The effect lasted for almost a week and now I schedule sessions weekly.  I have also utilized this technology to treat my children, with similar outstanding results.  This is a safe and effective way to treat anxiety and stress that the medical community doesn’t want you to know about!  I highly recommend….

Following the discovery of my pre-cancerous polyps and melanoma in my thirties, I began to look for ways to heal and balance my body. The stress of treatments and medications was producing too many side effects that I was looking for a more natural alternative. Christy and I discussed biofeedback and I loved the concept, since it didn’t require me to take any medications. My TMJ was acting up and my sinuses were bothering me from allergies, in addition I was in pain from a recent melanoma removal and had stitches in. I immediately felt my muscles relax and my jaw loosen. In the days that followed my incision healed and my pain was significantly reduced, and I felt over all much better!

I have been having knee pain for about a year. I heard about bioresonance and I tried it. I worked with Christy, and she entered my information it into the bioresonance machine and it came up with knee arthritis and some other things related to pain. I never mentioned my knee pain to her before. Based on the machine’s ranking of the frequencies it said I needed, she focused on my knee pain.  I no longer have any pain in my knees. I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who needs help in any area.

I had been diagnosed with multiple desmoid tumors since 2006.  I’d had many regular medical treatments over the years, including chemotherapy. Recently, I tried bioresonance because I wanted to detox after having had chemotherapy awhile back, and I feel much better now. I think is a great opportunity to open my mind, and try new ways to feel better.  After the biofeedback, I felt great!

I would like to recommend Christy and her healing frequency therapy.  It has helped me and my twin daughters in a very positive way.  My girls were very ill, in the hospital, and having extreme pain with Gardner’s Syndrome.  Since having this therapy, one twin has been discharged from the hospital and the other twin in now off of a high dependency ward and her blood work is improving since she’d had septicemia, as well.  They are on the mend and I am thankful for this therapy.

Let me just tell you how amazing Quantum Stress Relief is.  Right after I had the biofeedback done, I noticed that I slept better and that I was a more loving and patient person.  I was less frustrated.  My 13 year old daughter also had a biofeedback session and it was able to help with her sleep issues and eczema.  She was a much calmer person.  I am so thankful, and will be a returning client!

Thank you for helping my son relieve his stress.  He had communications and behavior issues.  He has severe autism and is non-verbal.  Having less stress has helped his level of frustration and therefore his behavior.  He was much more calm after his biofeedback sessions.  I also found that my sleep quality improved after my sessions.  Our whole family has benefited from this.

I am really impressed with how Quantum Stress Relief helped me.  I had injured my hip while falling off of a chair, hanging outdoor lights.  I had fallen onto the concrete.  Within 2 days of the biofeedback, I was 100% recovered.  This recovery time was perfect timing because I had my daughter’s birthday at Treehoppers and I didn’t want to be injured and miss the party.  Not only did my hip feel amazing, but my mood was so much better.  It made the weekend that much better.  If nothing else, try it for yourself!