How It Works

Stress is one of the major health problems facing our modern society today. Stress can cause people to worry, lose sleep, over-eat, compromise their immune system, to just burn out, and get sick. Medical studies are blaming increased stress for the surge in diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses.

We have high tech systems that read the stresses in your system. They read the physical stresses, the mental, emotional and the environmental stresses. When your stressors are identified, we can de-stress those areas, one by one, specifically for you.

Our machine, designed by Harmonic Technologies, measures over 7000 stressors in your body. Through Quantum Biofeedback we are able to rebalance your body and mind to let go of the current and past stresses that we hold onto. The system improves the body’s ability to self-regulate, allowing it to begin to heal itself.

Neurofeedback technology allows the brain to relax and quiet down. It takes the brain to a peaceful place where it can recover from anxiety, information overload, multi-tasking, worries, and fears. It enables the brain to do its own repair work, helps the brain to achieve greater flexibility, and to develop better neural networks. This makes for improved memory, reduced anxiety, and less mental chatter, allowing better focus and well being.

Biofeedback is able to work without any verbal conversation. It also works to relieve Mental Stresses that come from day-to-day living, It also works to calm Spiritual Stresses. Spiritual stressors are what come from our underlying fear of death, which ties in to fears of aging, fears of health loss, fears of accidents.

Our system evaluates the responses through the high end visual graphic interface. Finally, the computer challenges the individual unconsciously with the information by feeding it back to them. There are also enhanced therapy modalities to calm the mind and the body.

Stress normally begins by producing an alarm response in the body, which if not managed by the body’s own natural resources… can lead to the development of an adaptation response. If stress is not resolved, symptoms appear. Imbalances usually begin at the cell level, progress to tissue and organ level, and may eventually involve the whole body system if the stress is not relieved. That’s why our system really helps people who do not know how to manage their stress.